Norfolk Bonsai Summer Show…..!

Norfolk Bonsai’s Summer Show!! July 12 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm Only just 3 weeks to go until our Summer Show at Postwick Village Hall. Just a reminder to members to please bring trees for entry. That includes you novices (yes there is a novice class). This is an ideal time to take a critical look at your best trees and see how you can show them off at their best. Some of you m...
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Auction Success Thank You…!

Thank You
Lasts nights Auction once again proved to be a very successful evening, not only was the standard of trees,yamadori,pots etc etc even higher than last year, but nearly every lot was sold, i think what once again made this so successful and such a well attended auction was there was something for everybody regardless of taste in trees or what level of the hobby you are at, so we...
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Auction Time Is Here…..!

Auction Time
Norfolk Bonsai Auction is Nearly Here………..!   Don’t forget the famous Norfolk Bonsai Association Auction is tomorrow Wednesday 10th May , and if last years auction is anything to go by what a great success ,and a great evening was had by all,this is the perfect time to add 1 or 2 more trees, or pots to your collection with many lots having no reserve price.......!we ...
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Next Club Meeting (Air Layering)

Air Layering
Our next club meeting on Wed 12 April is all about Air Layering. Our resident experts will talk about the subject, show some examples of air layered trees and possibly show how its done as this is about the right time of year to start an air layer. This technique is very usefull to improve faults such as inverse taper, create 2 trees out of one or get a piece of material from a...
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NBA Auction

Norfolk Bonsai Auction...........! Don't forget the famous Norfolk Bonsai Association Bonsai Auction will soon be upon us once again,and will held on the 10th May 2107, and if last years auction is anything to go by what a great success and evening was had by all,this is the perfect time to take a close look at your collection and clear all those surplus trees or bonsai rela...
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Guest Speaker Will Baddeley

Will Baddeley
We are very pleased to announce we have booked the very well known Bonsai Artist Will Baddeley as a guest speaker, and he will be attending the club on October 11th, and giving a talk on all things Bonsai, but mainly on all the different aspects of carving,those of you that have either heard off,or know Will personally,will also know that he specialises in the use of trees that...
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